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Overview - GST Modification

Any changes made in the GST Registration or the details entered in the GST certificate are referred to as GST modification or update. One may go for change in GST Registration if he/she wishes from composite to normal scheme, or if there are mistakes in GST registration. To get GST modification, you need to file form GST REG 14.

What are details that can be changed or updated

In case of any error in GST certificate is detected or a change is required, GST modification can be done immediately. 

A business owner can apply for change(s) of the following items:

Documents / Information Required
GST Certificate
Documentary Proof of Changes
Steps & Procedures

Complete Roadmap of Process of GST Modification


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Frequently Asked Question

What is GST Modification?

GST modification or update refers to any modifications made to the GST registration or the details contained in the GST certificate.

Who can get GST modification?

Anyone whose GST application is being processed as well as whose business is already registered under GST.


What all can be changed?

Details like Name & place of business, addition/deletion of partners or directors and contact details of the authorized signatory.


Can Change the Company Name.?

If there is a change in the name of the business firm or the company name, the same should be immediately updated with GST modification.


Can PAN Be changed?

No. If there is a change of a PAN of a business firm, it can be updated with new GST registration.


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