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Overview - Patent Registration

Patent registration in India is a significant task that necessitates years of experience and thorough technical knowledge of the subject. To register a patent, an application must be filed for an invention that is new, innovative, and has not been disclosed anywhere else prior to filing the patent application with the Indian Controller of Patents.

In India, you can file a patent for a novel product or a manufacturing technique. The existence of creative steps in a non-obvious invention is the primary criterion for patent grant. Another key element is the invention’s industrial applicability, and ultimately, the invention must be commercially useful, or the claims of invention must demonstrate effective value.

Brief About Patent Registration

An invention is protected by a patent, which is an exclusive right awarded to the inventor. A patent gives the patent owner the authority to decide whether or not others can utilise the invention.

Valuable Asset

Patents result in the formation of intangible assets that can be sold, transferred, and used.


A patent, like the company’s other tangible assets, protects the owner’s invention and process from infringement.

Low-Cost Registration

The cost of patent registration is quite minimal when compared to the benefits it provides.

Patent Globally

Some foreign countries require the inventor to register a patent in his or her home nation before applying for a patent in their country.

Validity Period

Patent registration is valid for a period of 20 years and can be renewed.

Types of Patent Application In India
Ordinary Application

This is the most typical application filed by Indian inventors, in which the invention is first revealed and can be filed with either a provisional or a complete specification. If the application is submitted with a provisional specification, the entire specification must be submitted within 12 months of the application’s submission date.

Convention Application

The Paris Convention on Patents has recognised the value of first disclosure or “Prior Art,” and in international applications, an applicant can file a patent within 12 months of filing the first application, with the previous disclosure not being considered prior art for subsequent country applications.

PCT Application

The Patent Cooperation Treaty establishes a method via which India can file an international patent application for 152 contracting countries. The application is assessed by an international examination authority in the first phase, after which the applicant is free to file a national phase application.

Documents / Information Required
basic Required for patent filling in India
  • Digital Signature of the Applicant
  • Authorisation to the patent attorney.
  • The patent questionnaire.
  • A signed copy of Patent Specification
  • Declaration of Inventorship signed by the Inventor
  • Prior art documents, in case of International Application
Specification must contain following
  • Title of Patent
  • Abstract of the patent specification (A Summary)
  • Detailed Specification exhibiting inventive steps
  • Drawings and Flowcharts if any
  • Claims of the Patent
Steps & Procedures

Complete Roadmap of Process of Patent Registration service


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Frequently Asked Question

What is patent ?

A Patent is a legal right or say license granted by the government, giving an inventor the exclusive right to commercialize, make, use or sell his/her invention for a specified number of years in the market.

How much time it will take for the completion of the process?

Patent application can be successfully applied within 7 working days 

What is the validity of my patent ?

The patent registration in India is valid for 20 years after that your patent will open for general public 

Is My patent valid worldwide?

You may protect your invention internationally by applying before WIPO provided you have registered your patent in your country 

What is the Difference between Patent and Copyright?

The fundamental distinction between a patent and a copyright is that they both have the same goal. The patent protects an innovation of a novel product or procedure from being copied by others and allows the inventor to commercialise it. Copyright, on the other hand, protects original works against plagiarization, such as literary works, films, music recordings, artistic works, architecture, software, and so on.

Do i need to present physically for the process?

No, you do not need to be physically present for the process. Fintore India is an online catering platform, so all you need is an internet connection on your phone or computer, as well as the needed paperwork, and we can get the job done no matter where you are in India.

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